Glacier Water In Logan, Ohio

Glacier Mountain Bottled Water in Logan, Ohio, is proud to be your source for delicious water.

Natural Spring Water

This water comes from Pine Grove Springs in Fairfield County, Ohio, and is tested daily. Our spring water comes in a five-gallon option, has a shelf life of approximately two years, and is available for delivery or pickup.

Distilled Water

Available in 5-gallon bottle, our distilled water is steam distilled. This means it has been boiled into steam and then dripped to distill the water.

De-Ionized Water

This extremely pure water is closely related to distilled water. It has been tested for purity and is often required for industry and laboratory use. We are pleased to offer it to all our customers.

Reverse Osmosis Water

Reverse osmosis water is treated by allowing the water to diffuse through a permeable membrane. The effects of this treatment include the removal of harmful minerals and contaminants that pose health risks. Order some of our finest and best tasting water today!

Fluoridated Water

Our fluoridated water undergoes the same process as our reverse osmosis water only with fluoride added. This gives the water even more health benefits.
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