Bottled Water In Logan, Ohio

Quench your thirst with Glacier Mountain Bottled Water,
the fast water delivery service in Logan, Ohio.

Fast Service

You can rely on our fast and friendly water delivery personnel to bring you the water you want, including natural spring water. Just give us a call at (800) 714-7981 and this delicious, refreshing, and satisfying water will be on its way to you.

In addition to our spring water, we offer reverse osmosis water, distilled water, fluoridated water, and de-ionized water . You can also pick up your water from our location.


Our courteous delivery personnel are happy to accommodate any need. If you would like a call before they arrive with your water, just ask. They will be happy to contact you before carrying your water to your door.

Experienced Service

Since 1993, our water service has been delivering satisfying H2O to people just like you. Moreover, our owners have been in the industry since 1988, giving us the edge of experience, no matter what kind of water you need. We also offer cooler units for monthly rentals. We carry Hot & Cold units, Cold & Room temp. units and our newest addition Hot & Cold cooler with Keurig coffee maker combo (option of top or bottom bottle load coolers)
Contact us in Logan, Ohio, and let our bottled water delivery service work for you.
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