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Natural Spring and Reverse Osmosis Water in Logan, Ohio

Glacier Mountain Bottled Water in Logan, Ohio, is proud to be your source for delicious reverse osmosis water as well as satisfying natural spring water.

Natural Spring Water
Cleaned by Mother Nature and retrieved from a natural spring, this water is sure to satisfy. This water comes from Pine Grove Springs in Fairfield County, Ohio, and is tested daily. In addition, we provide charts to show what nutrients are in the water as well as how valuable they are. Our spring water comes in a five-gallon option, has a shelf life of approximately two years, and is available for delivery or pickup.

Reversed Osmosis Water
Our reverse osmosis starts with municipal water and goes through 11 different processes where the water is pushed through membranes under pressure, ensuring any harmful elements are removed. This process removes all sodium, chlorine, and other elements.

These bottles carry a shelf life of approximately two years. Distributed out of Aqua Falls in Dayton, Ohio, you can count on our reverse osmosis water to arrive fast. For these, our service offers five and three-gallon options for delivery or pickup.

Water, Natural Spring Water in Logan, OH
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